Is 24/7 WordPress Hosting Support Worth [$] To You?

If you have some clients who you support but aren’t an expert on some of the errors seen in the backend of WordPress, then you need a hosting provider that is by your side.

That is the group I would put myself into. I know a great deal about WordPress, but when it comes to errors, I have no time to find out what is causing the error. I received the below error the other day on my main site (I run a multisite).

The Annoying WordPress Error

Wordpress Backend Error

What’s your first instinct when you see warnings like the above? I guess if you are on some cheap hosting platform you dive into a panic, especially if it breaks your website. My clients are also on my network, so it is even more important to me.

The warnings above are not critical to fix, but if you want to remove the annoyance of them, it takes’s effort. These were bothering me because every time I navigate to a different page, they would appear and push the page down. It was quite annoying to me, so I decided to take 10 minutes and get rid of them.

Calm Yourself

Let’s start tackling that damn warning and error messages. What caused it? Why is it there? Do I have to log into the SFTP again? Is this going to break my client’s websites?

If you are hosting your WordPress website with WP Engine, there is no reason to act all crazy. Here’s what I did in that situation.

Enter WP Engine User Portal

Login to your WP Engine user portal (if you are awesome enough to be on WP Engine) and open up the online chat. I honestly have never waited over 10 minutes for a technician to join the session. I have seen the same faces on there, so they probably think I am bat crazy and no idea what I am doing.

Sorry WP Engine technicians. I am smarter than you may think. I just get lazy sometimes. We all do.

Start a Chat Session with a Friendly WP Engine Technician

So once a chat session is started, you are greeted with a friendly hello. I have had nothing but a pleasurable experience while chatting. The technicians are knowledgeable, responsive, and must have an arsenal of tools behind the scenes to fix some of the crap I give them.

It is almost like you forget your worries when hosting with them.

Moreover, if you are worried about paying the $29/mo for hosting, think about all the value you get, in just ONE chat session. If it was not for the chat, how long would it take you to fix your issues? A couple of hours? At that point, you are devaluing yourself.

Heck. Your cable bill is probably five times that price, and you have no problem paying for that.

Choose WP Engine

I have been a WP Engine client for about five years now. I recommend them to everybody I run into who runs a WordPress website.

Stay tuned for additional articles on WP Engine and why I choose them over the competitors.

It is time to invest in your business.

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